TJ Hartman Racing News - June 22nd, 2014



Perseverance Through and Through
TJ Hartman Racing
Sunday, June 22, 2014 - Edmonton, AB Canada
Written By: Shelby Dawn


Instead of heading back up to Edmonton after the race at Billings Motorsports Park, TJ and Doug stayed in Billings, Montana for the week before the two day show at Electric City Speedway. TJ wants to give a huge thank you to Glen Walker for generously allowing them to use their spare bedrooms for the week and also for all of their help. A thanks also needs to be said for Jeremy Mccune for his hospitality and being there whenever they needed something. The support the boys got all week allowed them plenty of time to prep for the two day show at Electric City Speedway in Great Falls, Montana. "I really cannot express how much it means to my team to have these families support us. Home cooked meals, beds, and showers mean the world to Doug and I, especially when we are on the road like we were. Glen Walker and his family were amazing and offered so much to us, and Jeremy has really became a good friend of ours. I know I enjoyed every minute we spent with all of them and I hope one day I can repay the favor!"


Friday night did not go the way anyone thought it would, when the wind suddenly changed direction and pushed a massive thunderstorm in the direction of the racetrack. The Harley Davidson of Edmonton, Decal Shop sponsored, Maxim was able to get out on the track for hot laps and the heat race before the night was lost to rain. Muddy, soaked and bummed, the team headed to the hotel to regroup for Saturday nights race.



The team awoke to bright blue skies and an extremely slim chance of a thunder storm so they headed to the track full of optimism. The Custom Automotive Specialties, KidSport of Edmonton  #19 Sprint Car lined up outside the front row for the heat race and would come home in first place. That finish put TJ in the top 8 redraw and landed TJ a 3rd place starting spot in the feature event. 



After consulting as a team and making changes to the car, TJ jumped in and headed out to try and defend his win at Electric City Speedway. "We were confident in the way that we set the car up and the changes that we made, but it was still much too loose for the track and we backed up pretty quickly, but were able to get a few of those spots back," TJ continues, "We try to focus on positivity and see each night is a learning opportunity." TJ finished 6th in the feature event Saturday night.



Be sure to stay tuned on Facebook for the next race! As always, the team could not be out there doing what they love without the help from their great sponsors. We want to give a big shout out to Harley Davidson of Edmonton, KidSport of Edmonton, Lisa's Ledgers, Customs Automotive Specialties, Alberta Elevator Service, Capital Gear, The Decal Shop, Pro-Lite Electric, Lesco Distributors, Hooker Harness, Butlerbuilt, Rod End Supply, Simpson, Performance Coatings, Astro Titanium, Kinsler Fuel Injections and EBR Motorsports.